1. Read the following passage from "The Swimming Contest."

With a sigh my mother replies, "My husband's no longer alive, either. But his house and his father's house aren't here; everything remained over there, abroad, and I live in a rented apartment summer and winter."

"That's because you are newcomers, immigrants," The old lady said. "But with the help of God you'll thrive and build yourselves houses. You're hard working people and your hands are blessed."

My mother caught the hint and threw her a grateful look...

Placing her hand on my head, the old lady said, "It all depends on the individual; everyone who wants peace will live in peace."

At that moment the young girl appeared in the doorway.

Which of the following stylistic elements is used by the writer in this passage.
A. Flashback
B. Foreshadowing*****

2. Read the following passage from "Another Evening at the Club."

It was only a few years ago that she had first laid eyes on him at her father's house, meeting his gaze that weighed up her beauty and priced it before offering the dowry. She had noted his eyes ranging over her as she presented him with the coffee in the Japanese cups that were kept safely locked away in the cupboard for important guests. Her mother had herself laid them out on the silver-plates tray with its elaborately embroidered spread. When the two men had taken their coffee, her father had looked up at her with a smile and had told her to sit down, and she had seated herself on the sofa facing them, drawing the end of her dress over her knees and looking through lowered lids at the man who might choose her as his wife. She had been glad to see that he was tall, well-built and clean-shaven except for a thin greying mustache. In particular she noticed the well-cut coat of English tweed and the silk shirt with gold links. She had felt herself blushing as she saw him returning her gaze. Then the man turn to her father and took out a cold case and offered him a cigarette.

Which of the following do Samia's memories of her first meeting with Abboud Bey MOST LIKELY reveal to the reader?

A. Samia does not appreciate feeling like an object that is up for sale.
B. Samia has an obedient nature and has been well trained to fulfill her role.*****
C. Samia recognize that Abboud Bey is showy and lacks an honest character.
D. Samia's father plant to change Abboud Bey a hefty Price to marry his daughter.

I think 1 is B and 2 is also B. Can someone please check my work.

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  1. Yes. Both of your answers are right.

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    posted by Lauren
  3. Lauren that is not appropriate for a educational website.

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