Can you please see if this is correctly written in Spanish? If not, may you please provide suggestions on how I can fix it. Thank you very much.

Éstas son tres cosas necesarias para mantener una vida sana: Recomiendo que tengas un hábito alimenticio equilibrado o nutritivo. Come muchas frutas y verduras. Es importante que hagas ejercicios porque es necesario para estar en forma. Yo sugiero que siempre estés de buen humor porque es bueno para la salud. Éstas son tres ventajas y problemas que debas evitar. Yo no recomiendo que comas la comida basura porque te hace el pelo del aumento. Es importante que no estés perezoso porque no es saludable para la salud y cuerpo. También, es necesario que no estés estresado o te preocupes porque va a caerte de sueño.

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  1. I'll be glad to do that. First I have to print it out so I can read it without trying to scan up/down up/down. That gives me a migraine. I'll be back as soon as I read it!


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  2. Several suggestions first. Always SIMPLIFY what you are trying to say, using structures and vocabulary you have mastered. If you MUST use a dictionary, here's how: 1) write down the English word, 2) write down ALL the Spanish possiblities, 3) now look each Spanish word up for the primary English meaning. There will be surprises! 4) Select the best word, based on the context, or exactly how that word is used. (example in point = habit!)

    Decide firmly if you are using tú or usted. You can't switch during the essay/speech, etc. Now, without the English to tell me what you thought you were saying, I can't guess in every instance.

    vocabulary = un hábito is dress, garment, costume. If you want "habit" it will be "una costumbre." Now change all the adjectives to feminine singular to agree, but I'd drop "alimenticia." Because you began with "tengas" you must stay in the familiar form.

    es necesario para estar en forma = drop "para" because it is not necessary.

    Éstas son tres ventajas = all feminine. Now with "problemas" you have a problem because that is a masculine word. Either Éstos son tres ventajas y problemas OR leave the beginning and add "y unos problemas" or something similar.

    "que debas evitar" = no reason for Subjunctive = que debes evitar.

    "la comida basura" = a noun (basura) can not modify a noun (comida) = why not say "la comida malsana" = (unhealthy)

    "te hace el pelo del aumento" = I'm absolutely lost of increase? You'd best tell me what you wish to say.

    "saludable para la salud y el cuerpo." = each noun gets its own article

    "estresado?" How about tense = tenso OR tieso?

    "va a caerte de sueño" = are you trying to say "you will fall asleep?" If so = vas a dormirte.

    Feel free to repost after you've made all the corrections for a final proofreading. Right now I have to go feed my rescue animals; they are frantic! I'll be back later.


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