Solve each equation by graphing the related function. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution.

NOTE: when I write + it has a minus on the bottom too


a. x= +7
b. x = +3.5
c. x= 0
d. no solution ***

a. +3
b. +1/3
c. 0 ***
d. no solution


a. x=+3
b. x=+4 ***
c. x=+2
d. no solution

Solve each equation by finding square roots. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution.

a. g=+1/2 ***
b. g=+1/3
c. g=+5/2
d. no solution

a. b=+1/4
b. b=+1/2
c. b=+1/8 ***
d. no solution

a. p=+14
b. p=+6
c. p=+12 ***
d. no solution

a. z=+3
b. z=+1/3
c. z=+9
d. no solution ***

Tell how many solutions this equation has
a. one solution ***
b. two solutions
c. no solution

a. one solution
b. two solutions ***
c. no solution

asked by a
  1. Some are ok. I have listed the errors below

    --> 4g^2=25
    your answer solves 4g^2=1

    --> 64b^2=16
    your answer solves 64b^2=1

    --> 5z^2-45=0
    5z^2 = 45
    z^2 = 9
    z = ±3

    --> h^2=-49
    see your solution to x^2+7=0

    --> s^2-35=-35
    s^2 = 0

    Are you trying to take shortcuts in your head? These are all pretty straightforward, if you just take the proper steps.

    posted by Steve
  2. Which ones are okay?

    posted by a
  3. duh - all the ones I didn't comment on.

    posted by Steve
  4. 1.A

    posted by Baka
  5. those are wrong

    posted by bbbbbbbbb
  6. i got 2 out of 10

    posted by bbbbbbbbb
  7. baka is wrong

    posted by alex
  8. What is the answer

    posted by Anonymous
  9. The correct answers are

    100% I promise!

    posted by Lyla
  10. thats right^

    posted by anonymous
  11. baka is correct for arkansas connections academy solving quadratic equations practice, only wrong answer is 6, its b instead of c

  12. layla is right. i got a 100%

    posted by hbl28
  13. Actually Baka is right besides 6. it's B instead of C.

    posted by Who knows
  14. Lyla is 100% correct for connections academy

    posted by john
  15. Lyla is correct for me atleast

    posted by Rebecca

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