a new product is to be promote in the market. The sales in the first week is estimated to be 5000 unit with an increase of 1500 each week during the product's lifespan. Find the formulas for the number of sales, S(unit), in the nth week.

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  1. 1. S = 5000.
    2. S = 5000 + 1500 = 6500.
    3. S = 6500 + 1500 = 8,000.
    4. S = 8000 + 1500 = 9,500.

    S = 5000 + 5000*0.3*(n-1).
    Factor out 5000:
    Eq: S = 5000(1 + 0.3*(n-1)).

    2. S = 5000(1+0.3*(2-1)) = 6500.

    3. S = 5000(1+0.3*(3-1)) = 8000.

    4. S = 5000(1+0.3*(4-1)) = 9500.

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