social studies

1. In what way did both the U.S. government and its citizens benefit from the war?

A. The government was able to defeat U.S. enemies, and citizens could freely travel.
B. The government was able to enforce its isolationist policy, and citizens could discriminate against communists in the United States.
C. The government benefited from expansion, and citizens benefited from an improved economy.
D. The government could use the war to control countries in Latin America, and citizens paid less for imported goods.

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  1. is it a or c?

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  2. 2. Which of the following presented a major challenge to U.S. military efforts in the Pacific?

    A. lack of morale and willingness to fight among Americans
    B. Japanese superiority in population and economic power
    C. support for Japan from the Philippines
    D. the long distances between the United States and battle sites in the Pacific theater

    is it b or d?

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  3. Which are your final answers?

  4. 1. b
    2. d

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  5. 1. b - no
    2. d - yes

  6. ok is 1 c

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  7. Yes, 1. c.

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