Social Studies

What led to increased trade between Europe and Asia?

A. The Black Death
B. The hundred year war
C. The Crusades
D. The Reconquista

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  1. I'll be glad to check your answer.

  2. D. The Muslim nations had traded with the far East for centuries, and those goods became commonplace in Europe. AFter the muslims were driven off, the desire for those goods remained

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  3. Is that D or C? I thought the Reconquista only involved Spain.

  4. C. The Crusades

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  5. I agree with C.

  6. How was the Islamic republic established?

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  7. it was B

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  8. I did this Quick check and got 100%.
    The answers are-
    1: B
    2: C
    3: B
    4: B
    5: D

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  9. Abby is correct thx

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  10. I need help on how the Europeans and Asians trading led as a result.

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