American Government

I need help with this question: Select one of the six organizing principles of the Constitution and apply it to the Bill of Rights. How is that principle supported or limited in the Bill of Rights

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  1. What does your text say about those "organizing principles"? We can't do this assignment for you. It requires YOU to do some thinking. We'll be glad to critique your answer when you have one.

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  2. You should not be trying to find answers online. I teach this course and I am very disappointed to see students "fishing" for answers to tests online. YOU need to put in the work. Your grades are a reflection of the effort you put in.

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  3. If your not going to answer the persons question and just criticize them why are you posting on there question?

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  4. Don't cheat!

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  6. this is no help to the person who posted this and if there teacher is like mine then the teacher may have recommended them to find the answer online and copy it

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  7. Federalism and the 10th amendment work together--the 10th Amendment states that if something is not covered by the Constitution and there is no specific federal power, then the power goes to the state. 

    Federalism is the principle that government should be divided between a central power and regional powers. In the case of the 10th Amendment, if the central power doesn't have explicit power to do something then the states have the power to do so. 

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