The Industrial Revolution

What role did the Enlightenment play in the development of new economic theories during the Industrial Revolution?
a. Enlightenment ideas led to the development of capitalism, but socialist ideas were unrelated to any Enlightenment reasoning.
b. Economists believed that new theories had to be based upon Enlightenment ideas, but most rejected the idea of unregulated exchange.
c. As economists tried to understand the changes caused by the Industrial Revolution, they rejected outdated Enlightenment ides such as natural laws.
d. In an attempt to better understand the changes caused the Industrial Revolution, economists applied reason and the scientific method to develop new theories.

9. Which of the following are reasons why industrialization caused people to move from rural to urban areas? Select all that apply.
-Improvements in farming methods reduced the demand for farm workers who migrated to cities for work.****
-Rapidly decreasing population growth resulted in mass migrations of rural people to urban areas.
-Small towns located adjacent to coal mines or waterfalls grew as factories were built nearby.****
-Home-based production in villages far from population centers increased dramatically.

How were Realism and Romanticism both reactions to the Enlightenment? Select all that apply. (2 ANSWERS)
-With its encouragement of open expression of feelings, Romanticism was a reaction to the self-control and ultra-rationality of the Enlightenment.
-Romanticism fully embraced the Enlightenment values of rational thought and suppressed emotions.****
-In contrast to the Enlightenment, Romanticism glorified the superior posture of ultimate self-control.
-Realism reflected the central Enlightenment themes of rational analysis and restraint of emotion.****

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  1. I agree with your answers to 9.

    I agree with one of your answers to the last question.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Ms. Sue, what would you say is the answer for the first question? "What role..."

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  3. The answer for the first question is A, according to brainly and quizlet (you can use those sites as well, but do NOT copy-and-paste answers from there. You can paraphrase the essay answers instead. Sorry I am 4 years late, but this message is to others as well.).

    Good Luck to you guys!

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  4. I'm not really sure, though.
    Sorry if I was wrong...

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  5. Sorry, the answer was D. Better to check your answer choices, everyone has different assessment, you know

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