do you know if there are any good websites on population distrubution patterns and relevant adaptations of organisms?

You need to choose a population. A species of orchids? A species of animals (kangaroo, etc)? A type of bird? A disease vector ?

Make a list of desired populations, then search. Now on the relevant adaptations. What in the world does relevant adaptation mean here? No need to answer, but you need to think that out. I am always amazed at the number of folks who think animals "adapt" to their environment. Monkeys don't have long arms and a flexible strong tail because they decided to adapt to trees. The monkey population and trees coexist. The monkeys benefit the forest, and the forest benefits the monkeys. Your "relevant adaptations" makes no sense in that...did the forest have relevant adaptations to the monkeys? (Answer...maybe...did the fruit seed from trees get transported by the monkeys? Did the forest species adapt to this mode of seed dispersal? Maybe)
Ecology, including species symbosis, with mutation/evolution of the species is a most complicated and interesting study.
Now on the term population distribution term: Are you thinking geographic (land mass, elevation, ) or on some other distribution (gender, age) mechanism. There are lots of population distribution studies in both areas mentioned. Pick your species, and then search. Your local college librarian can do wonders with this.
I will be happy to help you, but I recommend a library. Most of the stuff on the web is in libraries, and it costs $$ to access it. I don't think you will get much free access on these papers, as someone has to pay the bills.

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asked by san
  1. wow. a question asked in 2007 and fast forward to 2019 there is still no awnser. How was it like in 2007? where are you now?

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