Ratification of the Constitution

I do not understand the trend of the states who ratified first...?

South Car
New Hamp
Rhode Island

I get why RI was last. But what bothers me is why is new jersey and delaware so far up ahead?

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asked by Burt
  1. maybe geography plays a role in this??
    Why would geography be key in whether or not a state ratified the Constitution?

    Mm I really don't get the largestate-smallstate trend as well as the north-south and industrial-agricultural trend to ratifying the constituion...

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    posted by Burt
  2. Note that these states all ratified the Constitution within a space of about 11 months. That's pretty fast for so many different state legislatures to argue, debate, compromise, and adopt it.


  3. The first five ratifications took place in quick succession: Delaware, December 7, 1787 (unanimous); Pennsylvania, December 12, 1787 (46-23); New Jersey, December 18, 1787 (unanimous); Georgia, January 2, 1788 (unanimous); and Connecticut, January 9, 1788 (128-40).

    That is what the source said,

    maybe my quesiton was unclear:

    I wanted to know what caused those 5 states to be the first and why some where unanimous. I do not understand the trend that effects it.

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    posted by Burt
  4. It's rare that any legislative body passes a bill unanimously. The trend was that most legislators in most states jumped on the band wagon because they were eager to ratify the Constitution.

  5. Yes, but why? Economics? Wealth? Location? Size?

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    posted by Burt
  6. My guess is that it was a result of their enthusiasm for a new document to cement the union of the states -- a document that would do a better job than the Articles of Confederation.

    Also, they were (for the most part) eager to make this new country work. Remember that, at the time, this was the ONLY country set up to be a democratic republic. The only one!

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