Computers (RAM)

Just giving this a shot,

Which of the following statements about RAM are TRUE? Select all that apply.

a) Any part of RAM can be accessed at any time.

b) RAM is an area of a computer that holds programs and data that are waiting to be processed, to be stored on permanent basis, or to be output.

c) RAM stores information on permanent basis.

d) RAM stands for Read Acess Memory.

I said a to be true but only received partial credit. Which statements are true in this case? I know c and d are definitely not true because ram is only for temporary storage when the PC is on, so it's either between both a and b, or b, not a.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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asked by Ray

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    posted by Writeacher
  2. I can say that the answer is b, because it is not used for permanent storage

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    posted by Tochukwu
  3. B Is The Answer

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    posted by Godwin John

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