Given that a:b = 8:5 and b:c= 3:4
find the ratio a:b:c
Give your answer in its simplest form.
Show all working out.

My work:
1) 5 and 3 both equal to b.
2) 8+5=13/2= 11.5
4)11.5+3.5= 15

All my working shown I dont understand this question please help!

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  1. Sorry, I don't understand what your "working" is trying to do, but in any case,
    and so on, so some corrections on your part need to be done.

    Given that a:b = 8:5 and b:c= 3:4
    What we need to do is to multiply each ratio appropriately so that the "b" match, and is the LCM of the original "b" values.

    Since "b" in both ratios are 15 (LCM of 5 and 3), we can conclude that

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  2. wots 1 + 1??????

    thx for da help gs

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