American Governent

1. What type of power does the Constitution grant to the Supreme Court? (1 point)
executive power
federal power
judicial power
legislative power
2. Which are examples of judicial restraint in the Supreme Court? Select all that apply. (3 points)
The verdict overturns the lower court’s ruling and sets a new precedent.
The verdict is narrowly for the defendant, letting the previous verdict stand.
The court uses previous cases as examples of what path to follow in their verdict.
The court decides that the law must be rewritten to provide civil liberties for all.
The court refuses to hear a case.

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  1. And you think ... ?

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  2. What is it that you do not understand about these questions?

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  3. The answers are:
    2.B D C
    Here ya go : )

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  4. number 2 is b,c,e

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  5. bce

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  6. pizza pete got me 11/12 its bce not bcd

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