at a city hospital 40 boys and 50 girls were born yesterday. what is the experimental probability that the next baby born will be a girl?

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  1. It's still 1/2.

  2. I got 55% but do not take my word. I think you should wait for the answer from an actual tutor. I did 50/90 which led me to 55% of babies that were born yesterday were girls. I would still wait for an answer from someone else and not put that until someone with higher credentials confirms it.

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  3. About half the babies born are boys.

  4. Ms Sue is correct to state that the mathematical probability is 1/2

    But according to the "experimental" data of the hospital, it would be 50/90 or 5/9

    Silly question!

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  5. 4/5

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  6. It is 50/90 or 5/9 because 40 + 50 is 90. There are 50 of the 90 girls born. Therefore it would be 50/90! Hope that helped

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