Language Arts

15. Read the following lines from the story “Forbidden Fruit.”

Of course, in childhood there were occasions when I could have tasted pork in kindergarten or ate at the home of a friend, but I never broke the commandment.

When we had rice and pork in kindergarten, I fished out all the pieces of pork and gave them to my friends. I conquered the agony of yearning by the sweetness of self-denial. I enjoyed my ideological superiority. It was pleast to be an enigma, to behave in a way baffling to everyone around. And yet, all the more intensely did I dream of transgression.

The type of conflict portrayed in these sentences can best be identified as______
A. Man vs. Man.
B. Man vs. Nature.
C. Man vs. Society.
D. Man vs. Himself.***

16. Identify the term that correctly identifies the sentence.

My name, Cynthia, is from a Greek word for moon.

A. Simple Sentence.***
B. Compound sentence.
C. Complex sentence.
D. Compound-Complex sentence.

17. Identify the term that correctly identifies the sentence.

I was not surprised when I learned that.

A. Simple Sentence.
B. Compound sentence.
C. Complex sentence.***
D. Compound-Complex sentence.

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  1. Please pick ONE name and keep it.

    I agree with these answers.

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  2. OK, I will. :)

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  3. i think she is a little loco

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