What does Herodotus question about the Nile in this quote?
why it has its great floods
why it has no breezes blowing from it
why it has its towering forests
why it has its enormous length

I need help bad plz. I have tried looking in my text book and everything.

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  1. He questions why it floods, and why it is the only river with no breeze flowing through it

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  2. Since I can't see the quotation, I have no idea.

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  3. Its Its.......

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  4. Sorry i stutter :( But anyway Its Its.........C THE ANSWER IS IS IS C

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  5. Im srry it is B

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  6. Wow How did u not know that

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  7. how did you not know this, its easy!

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  8. jhhgkgkguig

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