i have a big math quiz today on these terms plz help me
meaning of
a ratio that compares two quantities measured in different units
meaning of
the rate for one unit of a given quantity
meaning of
found by multiplying the denominator of one ratio by the numerator of the other ratio
meaning of
an equation stating that two ratios are equal
meaning of
figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size
meaning of
the factor by which each dimension is multiplied in a dilation
meaning of
a transformation that results in an image that is similar to the pre-image, but larger or smaller
meaning of
a dilation of a figure for which the scale factor is greater than 1 and that results in an image that is larger than the pre-image
meaning of
a figure that is transformed onto an image
meaning of
a dilation of a figure for which the scale factor is between 0 and 1 and that results in an image that is smaller than the pre-image
meaning of
the ratio that compares a length in a drawing to the corresponding length in the actual object
meaning of
an enlarged or reduced model of an object that is similar to the actual object

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