American Government

6. What is the only official role of the vice president?

A. Lead the national committee on the president's party.
B. Organize presidential commissions.
C. Preside over the Senate.
D. Vote in case of a tie in the Supreme Court.

7. What best describes a faithless elector?

A. An elector who cheated to become an elector.
B. An elector who fails to vote.
C. An elector who votes for a non-christian.
D. An elector who does not vote for the person who won the state's popular vote.

8. Who counts the Electoral College vote?

A. House of Representatives.
B. Senate.
C. State Legislatures.
D. Supreme Court.

9. Which is constitutional qualification to be a president?

A. College educated.
B. Experience in another political field.
C. Military Experience.
D. Natural-born citizen of the United States.

10. Which president broke the two-term tradition by running for a third term in 1940?

A. Dwight Eisenhower.
B. Herbert Hoover.
C. Franklin Roosevelt.
D. Harry Truman.

My Answers:
6. B.
7. A.
8. D.
9. A.
10. C.

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  1. It looks as if you need to go back to your text and read, read, read -- maybe as many as five times. Then try again.

    Be careful, though. We'll check only two answers per question. After that, you're on your own.

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  2. 6. A.
    7. D.
    8. A.
    9. B.
    10. C.

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  3. 6. no

    7. either B or D

    8. There are 2 right answers.

    9. no

    10. yes

    Don't post about these again.

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