algebra check please

a=-2 b=5 c=-4 d=6

question is

see if i did the steps right please


No. Minus four squred is positive sixteen.

eighty percent of 280 is what number?
draw a diagram of the problem

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  1. 23

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  2. 2/3 (7/8 - 4x) - 5/8 = 3/8

    multiply 2/3 by 7/8 - 4x

    2/3 x 7/8 = 7/12

    2/3 x -4x = -8/3x

    7/12 - 8/3x - 5/8

    -1/24 - 8/3x = 3/8

    add -1/24 to both sides

    -8/3x = 3/8 + 1/24

    -8/3x = 5/12

    x = 5/12 / -8/3

    x = -15/96 or
    answer: x = -5/32

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  3. 9x-6=30

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  4. 2x-3y=14 2x+y=-10

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