Hello! I'm stuck on a Spanish worksheet, I could use a little help.

"Answer the questions below based on the pictures. Use complete Spanish sentences. Each sentence needs to follow the structure: subject pronoun + verb in the present tense.
1. ¿Que hace Paco?"

The picture for #1 is a boy named Paco painting. How do I answer question one "¿Que hace Paco?" correctly?

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  1. He is painting
    El Esta pintando

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  2. Thank you! I have more questions like that one but I think I got it now. I'll be back if I need more help.

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  3. Okay, I've got another one similar to the last question.
    "¿Que hace Carlos y Sam?
    The picture shows two boys Carlos and Sam talking on the phone to each other.

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  4. Carlos y Sam están hablándose por teléfono.


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