Distance Problems

A bus and a car leave the same place and travel in opposite directions. If the bus is traveling at 50 mph and the car is traveling at 55 mph, in how many hpurs will they be 210 miles apart.
Again please help me with the boxes, Im in advanced math and I'm not good with the boxes...

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  1. Boxes?

    The have a relative veloicty of 105, and cover a distance of 210mi.


    I have no idea what "boxes" means here.

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  2. Very similar to the other one I showed you

    for your bus columns:
    distance = x miles
    rate = 50 mph
    time = x/50 hours

    for your car columns:
    distance = 210-x miles
    rate = 55 mph
    time = (210-x)/55 hours

    Don't both of them travel for the same period of time ??
    so .. x/50 = (210-x)/55
    cross-multiply and solve

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  3. A bus travels at 90km/h. how far will it have traveled after 210 minutes?

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