Social studies

2. What were some reasons that the Iroquois joined forces with the British? Select two answers.
A) they were enemies with some other tribes who were fighting with the French

B) the British charged lower prices than than the French and therefore trusted them more••

C) they had long traded with the British fur traders and didn't want to upset the relationship ••
D) they wanted to join forces with the Algonquins and Hurons who were also fighting with the British

3. Which of the following best describes how the intolerable acts affected the American colonies?

A) the acts caused the colonies to set up their own militia to serve in times of emergency

B) the acts caused the colonies to call for the first continental congress

C) the acts caused the colonies to quarter British troops without payment from the government

D) the acts caused the colonies to unify against the British government••

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  1. 2 - one of your answers is correct.
    3 - no

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  2. How about

    2 ac

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  3. And for 3 is it B??

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  4. I like a and c for #2.
    B is correct for #3.

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  5. A c d e

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  6. post the whole awnsers OMG

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  7. ac

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