A biscuit manufacturer packs its biscuits into individual boxes using a machine. The weight is advertised on each box as 200 grammes. The machine has been operating for many years and is regularly inspected during production to ensure that it is operating correctly. A quality control worker at the factory has used historical data from many previous production runs. It is known that the weight of packed boxes follows a normal distribution with a mean weight of 200 grammes and a standard deviation of 2.1 grammes. During a particular production run, a quality-control worker randomly selects one box and finds that the weight is 208.1 grammes.

Using the empirical rule and the data from the machine’s historical operational performance, determine whether this box weight of 208.1 grammes would be considered usual or unusual.

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  1. If you look up an answer from below and follow this it might help you. I am trying to figure out an answer. I'm up late trying to help the math and science students!!

    Please help with Calculus?? - Steve, Friday, November 8, 2013 at 6:46pm
    I think you will be able to answer these questions if you play around a bit at

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  2. Macdavie Maseko, If you are there...this is a link that leads you to a site on the computer and it will allow you to see it work in action. It is very cool. Go to the page below these answers here, where it says "RELATED QUESTIONS". Click on the first question, of Please help with Calculus?? Then go to Steve, Friday Nov 8, 2013 and click on his link. Have fun!!!

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  3. answer

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