The space shuttle fleet was designed with two booster stages. If the first stage provides a thrust of 5.25 ​Mega-newtons and the space shuttle has a mass of 4,530,000 ​pound-mass, what is the acceleration of the spacecraft in miles per hour​ squared?

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  1. 1000 poundmass=453kg


    a= 5.24/4.53*453 *1E(6-6+3) m/s
    = 2.55m/s
    = 2.33m/s* 2.23(mile/hr /m/s)
    = 5.20mile/hr

    check all this math.

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  2. Something seems to be missing since it isn't the answer :/

    i think you did some rounding early because by the end of the equation you have to round the answer to three significant figures

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  3. check it, you might be right.

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