for Alicia - literature

Here are several sites that will help you take good notes when studying literature:

The first and second links look about the best, but you should look through the others, too, just in case ...

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  1. Thanks for caring, I won't be posting anymore since obviously someone thought I was cheating. I see other college people get on here and ask questions. I found the answers for the spanish literature for fire and ice I took each act and took notes and founded what my professor wanted hopefully that will work.

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    posted by Alicia
  2. Well, I for one will be disappointed not working with you!


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  3. Thanks, I was just asking questions just like the novel review I wasn't really doing it on If I ever had a rose garden but I knew that in the book she had treatment by therapy but didn't know for sure if she was on medication or not because I couldn't find it in the book. I wasn't cheating though

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    posted by alicia
  4. Alicia, ANYone is free to ask questions here and to ask for help. Even your "classmate" is able to do that. Perhaps that "classmate" didn't think it fair that you asked questions, but that is why all the volunteer teachers are here!


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  5. P.S. If you don't ask questions, how are you to learn?


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