Social studies

which of the following statements is an accurate description of how social contract theory influence the structure of american government?
A. social contract theory influenced the division of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches
B. social contract theory influenced the federal structure of american government
C. social contract theory influenced the division of congress into the house of representatives and the senate
D. Social contract theory influenced the balance between individual rights and governmental powers

Please help me

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    Read VERY carefully, and then let us know what you think.

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  2. Would the answer be D. @Writeacher

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  3. Re-read the question: " social contract theory influence the structure of american government?"

    D is correct overall, no matter what country is being discussed, but is there one that specifically addresses how the US government is designed? Frankly, I think there's more than one right answer here.

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  4. I agree that there is more than one good answer. We can't know which will be considered correct by your teacher or education program.

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  5. would you happen to be working on a homeschooling program too? XD

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  6. The answer is D

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  7. Unit 2 Lesson 4 Quiz
    1) B
    2) D
    3) A
    4) C
    5) B
    6) D
    7) B
    8) C
    9) B
    10) B,C,D,E

    I just took the quiz. These are 100% correct.

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  8. 4 is not C, it's B.
    Just took the quiz and your answer got me an incorrect >.>

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