1. I hope he is running on the playground now.

2. I hope he is studying now.
3. I hope he is playing table tennis now.
4. Is he studying? I hope so.
5. Is he studying (now)? I hope he is studying (now)

6. Is he coming (soon)? I hope so.
7. Is he coming (soon)? I hope he is coming (soon).
8. Will he come soon? I hope he will come soon.
Are they all grammatical? Is #4 the same as #5?

Do #6, 7, and 8 have the same meaning?
If we think 'soon' is omitted, does #6 mean the near future? Does "I hope he is coming (soon)." mean "I hope he will come (soon)"?

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asked by rfvv
  1. I think you're right about 1-5.

    In 6-8, "soon" is needed if you mean that. If you omit that word, it could mean he's on his way whether he arrives "soon" or not.

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