Part III: Calculate the Following Questions by Using the Necessary Steps
(4 pts each)
1) A monopolist is deciding how to allocate output between two markets that are separated geographically. Demands for the two markets are P1 = 15 –Q1 and P2 = 25 – 2Q2. The monopolist’s TC is C = 5 + 3(Q1+Q2). What are price, output, profits, and MR if:
a) The monopolist can price discriminate?
b) The law forbids (prohibits) charging different prices in the two regions?
2. Suppose you are the manager of a watch-making firm operating in a competitive market. Your cost of production is given by C = 100 + Q2, where Q is the level of output and C is total cost.
a) If the price of watches is birr 60, how many watches should you produce to maximize profit?
b) What will your profit level be?

c) At what minimum price will you produce a positive output?

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