Imagine you are talking with a student who does not know how to identify the thesis in this article AIDS in Africa: Dying by the numbers. What suggestions might you propose to help the student understand the task at hand?

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asked by lynn
    "Grammar Dictionary: thesis
    The central idea in a piece of writing"

    After reading the article, ask the student to find the ONE SENTENCE in the piece (probably very near the beginning) in which the main idea is stated -- the point of a well written article is to prove that the thesis is true, to persuade all the readers to agree with the author.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. The thesis statement tells what the article is about. It's often the last sentence of the first paragraph -- but not always. The student should decide what the author wants to say and then find the sentence that summarizes this. We've answered many questions about this article. I'm sure you'll find some help in these answers.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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