Of Mice and Men (CHECK!)(Reed)

1. Who are 4 outsiders in the text?
a. George, Candy, Crooks, Lennie
b. Curley, Curley's Wife, the Boss, Slim
c. Candy, Curley's Wife, Lennie, Crooks
d. Crooks, Curley, Lennie, Whit

A: c

2. When Lennie thinks about the ranch he says--
a. We gonna live in a big house
b. We gonna have rabbits and cats
c. We gonna live off the fatta the river
d. We gonna live off the fatta the land

A: d

3. When Slim kills puppies, it shows that he is--
a. A realist
b. Cruel
c. Violent
d. Peaceful

A: a

4. What does George tell Lennie to think about right before he kills him?
a. The ranch
b. The dog
c. The river
d. The brush

A: a

5. Where did Lennie see many different types of rabbits?
a. Sacramento Fair
b. Aunt Clara's
c. The ranch
d. San Jose Fair

A: a

6. What are 3 elements of foreshadowing when Candy's dog is shot?
a. Luger, away from civilization, shot in the back of the head
b. Luger, Carlson, shovel
c. Carlson, Candy, George
d. Everyone wants it to happen

A: a

7. Why did Curley's Wife tell her secrets to Lennie?
a. Lennie cared for her the most
b. Lennie hurt Curley
c. Lennie wouldn't listen
d. Lennie wouldn't judge her

A: b

8. What does the game of cards symbolize?
a. American dream
b. Fate
c. Chance
d. Dangling the carrot

A: b

9. Why is Lennie's character flawed?
a. He loves to pet women
b. He has the mind of a child
c. He hates Curley
d. He loves dogs

A: b

10. Civilization was characterized as--
a. Peaceful
b. Prosperous
c. Violent/Dirty
d. Dreamlike

A: c

11. Nature was characterized as--
a. Peaceful
b. Prosperous
c. Violent/Dirty
d. Dreamlike

A: a

12. Who makes up for his shortcomings by trying to intimidate people?
a. George
b. Crooks
c. Candy
d. Curley

A: d

13. What are 3 parts of the American Dream that connect to the novel?
a. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
b. Life, Liberty, and Dreams
c. Life, Land, and Friendship
d. Life, Liberty, and Land

A: b

14. Why doesn't the audience learn Curley's Wife's name?
a. She is a flat character
b. The author wants us to know how she feels about Curley (hatred)
c. The author wants us to know how she feels about herself (failure)
d. The author doesn't know her name

A: c

15. What is not a reason George kills Lennie?
a. He saved Lennie from torture
b. He believe it was the right thing to do
c. He believed he deserved to die
d. He felt like it was his responsibility

A: c.

16. When George says, "I ain't gonna let um hurt Lennie," it shows--
a. Chance
b. Love
c. Responsibility
d. Compassion

A: d

17. How does George control Lennie's impulses?
a. By "dangling a carrot" for him
b. By telling him he always does bad things
c. By telling him about Aunt Clara
d. By forcing him to work hard

A: a

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  1. It's been a long time since I read the book, Victoria. I don't remember all the details. (Yes, I have a copy of the book, but don't have time to re-read it right now, just for you.)

    1 - rethink
    2 - I agree
    3 - I disagree
    4, 5, & 6 - I agree
    7 - rethink (I'm not sure, but think there's a better answer)
    8 - 12 - I agree
    13 - rethink (??)
    14 & 15 - I agree
    16 - I disagree, but it's open for debate. Your answer may be considered "correct" (I don't know).
    17 - I agree

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