What is the mobile phase in this experiment?

A) 10% 6M NaOH and 90% acetone B) 10% 6M HCl and 90% acetone C) 10% 5M KCl and 90% methanol D) 10% 5M KCl and 90% acetone

Gel electrophoresis is an example of which type of chromatography?

A) Column chromatography B) Gas chromatography C) Paper chromatography D) Thin-layer chromatography

Which pair of words best describes chromatography?

A) Time-Writing B) Color-Writing C) Sleep-Walking D) Time-Traveling
In the event you need to write on your chromatogram, which should you use? A) Pen B) Pencil C) Marker D) Paintbrush

In this experiment the stationary phase is made out of what?

A) Polycarbonate B) Acetone C) Cellulose D) Glass beads

Fill in the blank: The more highly charged the complex, the the affinity for the more polar stationary phase and the the ions move?

A) greater, slower B) smaller, slower C) greater, faster D) smaller, faster

Fill in the blank: The paper in the paper chromatography lab is made of cellulose which has a surface covered in groups.

A) -OH B) -CH3 C) -NH D) -NH2

What is the ability for a liquid to flow in a narrow channel or narrow tube often against gravity, without the assistance of external forces.

A) viscosity B) capillary action C) deliquescence D) spectroscopy E) Tyndall effect

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  1. No one is going to answer a set of MC questions for you.

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