Please check my answers and correct me if I'm wrong

1. Identify the sentence in which the underlined verb DOES NOT agree with its subject.
A. The trophies (are) ready to be awarded.
B. There (is) no reason why he cannot play.
C. Most of these math questions (are) easy.
D. The softball and baseball teams (is) ready.****

2. Identify the INCORRECTLY punctuated sentence.
A. We went to the store but we forgot to buy eggs.
B.Sarena clean her room, folded her laundry, and emptied the trash.
C. The board members earnestly discussed the issue and decided to raise the pay rates.
D. Apartment has new carpet in the bedrooms, and it has paint in the kitchen.****

3. Identify the INCORRECTLY punctuated sentence.
A. He is a tough young man.
B. Many friendly, eager students are here.
C. We try to be honest polite people.****
D. Hre's an intelligent, athletic sophomore.

4. On a works cited page, which of the following should NOT be in italics?
A. Title of an article****
B. Title of a periodical
C. Title of a newspaper
D. Title of a non-fiction book

5. Identify the correctly punctuated sentence in each group.
A. Do you know where Bailey shoes are?
B. Do you know where Bailey's shoes are?****
C. Do you know where Baileys' shoes are?
D. Do you know where Bailey's shoes are?

I think the answers are

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  1. 1. yes
    2. no
    3. yes
    4. yes
    5. What's the difference between B and D?

    See comma use #2 for question 2.

  2. I'm not sure what you mean for #2 writeacher :/ you said #2 or question 2...do you mean #2 option B could be the answer I'm looking for or??? Because I'm not sure what you meant to be honest...and for #5 yes the two (B and D) are the same I just wasn't sure if it was trying to trick me to pick a different one of not

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  3. Read about comma use #2 on that webpage I linked above, and then re-think your answer for your question 2. In other words, read about commas in compound sentences.

    And for question 5, either B or D would be correct if they are identical.

  4. Sorry, my mistake,I went back to double check on Question #5 and D is not the same as question B. But I'm still thinking the answer is B now looking at because D haves (Baileys's) and B have (Bailey's) that's the difference between the two.

    5. Identify the correctly punctuated sentence in each group.
    A. Do you know where Bailey shoes are?
    B. Do you know where Bailey's shoes are?****
    C. Do you know where Baileys' shoes are?
    D. Do you know where Baileys's shoes are?

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  5. Yes, then B is correct for 5.

    What did you decide for 2?

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  6. For #2 I figured it couldn't be B because the punctuations don't seem wrong,and D is supposably incorrect, so that leave A and C but I think its A because I think it should be (We went to the store, but we forgot to buy eggs.) Am I wrong :'(

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  7. You're right. 2 is A.

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