A 100 point test contains a total of 20 questions. The multiple choice questions are worth 3 points each and the short response answer questions are worth 8 pints each.
Write a system of linear equations that represents this situation, my answer is to correlate the 3 points with the 20 questions and the 11 points with the 100

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  1. m multiple pointers
    s short responders

    m + s = 20

    3 m + 8 s = 100

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  2. 5 multiple choice and 6 short responses

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  3. 8 short responses,12 multiple choice. Melanie is wrong because 5+6 doesn't add up to 20 questions.

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  4. Yay Melanie is wrong I’m and even I know the answer

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  5. What’s the answer then?

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  6. The answer is 12 multiple choice questions and 8 short answer questions
    X= short answer
    Y= multiple choice
    Use elimination process and you’ll get (8,12) :D

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  7. If the teacher changed the test to 15 questions, then how many of each type of question would be on the test?

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  8. what are your guy's names lol.

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