in the function f(x)=4(x^2-6x+ )+20 what number will complete the square

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asked by susan
  1. I would multiply 4 in to get 4x^2-24x+20
    Then factor out 4 4(x^2-6x+5)
    Complete the square inside the bracket 4[(x-3)^2-9+5] = 4[(x-3)^2 -4]= 4(x-3)^2 -16
    I would think it is +16 needed to complete the square

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  2. f(x) = 4(x^2 - 6x + 9 - 9) + 20
    = 4( (x-3)^2 - 9) + 20
    = 4(x-3)^2 - 36 + 20
    = 4(x-3)^2 - 16

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    posted by Reiny

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