1. To all white Southerners, except Confederate leaders, Lincoln offered (1 point)
the Ten Percent Plan.
2. What agency helped freed African Americans by establishing schools? (1 point)
Reconstruction Bureau
Wade-Davis Bill
the Ten Percent Plan
Freedmen's Bureau
3. Before they could join the Union, Southern states had to ratify the (1 point)
Fourteenth Amendment.
Thirteenth Amendment.
Fifteenth Amendment.
Sixteenth Amendment.
4. What amendment states that no state could take away a citizen's life, liberty, and property "without due process of law"? (1 point)
5. Republicans in Congress easily overrode Johnson's vetoes and took charge of Reconstruction during (1 point)
Radical Reconstruction.
Congressional Reconstruction.
Radical Rebuilding.
6. What violated the tradition that presidents controlled their cabinets? (1 point)
black codes
Tenure of Office Act
7. When President Andrew Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act, he was (1 point)
8. Which of the following best describes education in the South during the Reconstruction. (1 point)
All state governments required public schools to be integrated.
State governments created public schools for both black and white children.
Black children attended public schools and white children attended private schools.
Carpetbaggers and scalawags forced plantation owners to teach their former slaves to read.
9. The most common form of farm work for freed individuals was (1 point)
pig farming.
corn farming.
cotton growing.
10. Some of the strongest advances in Southern industry were in (1 point)
dairy farming.

My answers

PLEASE HELP! I need to get this done.

asked by candy
  1. if I don't get a good grade... well it wont be good if I don't.

    posted by candy
  2. I'm almost 100% sure that you guessed on these as I have no idea where you came up with your answers.

    posted by SpitFireRedHead
  3. Go back and study. Then do the quiz. You will see a tremendous difference.

    posted by SpitFireRedHead
  4. i don't have my text book and i cant get it online my stupid step mom got mad at me because on my last test i put kitty cats because the teacher told me to and she didn't be leave me and threw it out side into the pool and i tried to fix it but i couldnt

    posted by candy
  5. What is the name of the textbook candy?

    posted by SpitFireRedHead
  6. Filthy language will get you banned.

    If you don't have a textbook, then you'll need to learn to use Google or Bing well.

    posted by Writeacher
  7. 1. A
    2. C
    3. A
    4. C
    5. A
    6. D
    7. C
    8. B
    9. C
    10. D

    Disclaimer: I took APUSH a few years ago, and I'm a Biochem major.

    posted by Will
  8. ^Note: I'm not saying these are AP U.S. History questions - they're clearly easier. It's just that I don't remember all details about U.S. history.

    posted by Will
  9. Beware of students who just post lettered answers. We have many pranksters posting here. Also teachers often change the order of the questions and/or the answers.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  10. So I have yet to take the test but Im nearly 100 percent sure that the answers are

    posted by just a helper
  11. oh sorry all of the ones above are correct except 4. 4 is A.
    so technically the answers are

    posted by just a helper
  12. Beware of answers with only letters. Jiskha has some pranksters who post wrong answer for fun. Also, teachers sometimes change the order of answers so that tests are different.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  13. All of y'all are wrong

    posted by im right ur wrong
  14. just a helpers second answers are correct i got 100%
    4 is a

    posted by the pretty princess
  15. So are the answers from just a helper right???

    posted by Long jhon
  16. Yes just a helper is correct on all questions

    posted by Bubs

    posted by the muffin man
  18. Stupid isn't a filthy word, it's an insulting one, if you want filthy words, go to a strip club and enter the VIP section. It's a personal opinion, Writeacher. If God can't effect free will, neither can you.

    posted by Try me
  19. The strip club part was unnecessary, but take advice to the rest. don't try to mess with other people's personal opinions if you don't know them

    posted by Try me
  20. just a helper is correct :D

    posted by ANSWER!!!!!!!!
  21. just a helper, is correct!! I got 100%

    posted by MSM
  22. Just a Helper is right I took the quiz the other day and got it. I would reccomend you use your books people!! I read through my books and used this as a check basicslly.

    posted by Cookielover
  23. just a helper, is right. I got 100%

    posted by A
  24. Thank the lord omg I have been struggling for so long and I'm so far behind in everything. I needed this

    posted by ControlCryBaby
  25. @Try me
    At least there is someone who follows and practices the rights of America and the constitution. I like how you protect other peoples rights from people who want the world how they want it (aka leftists)

    posted by you know who i am
  26. Just a helper is right got 100% thank you

    posted by Kat

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