Four percent of DVD players manufactured by an electronics company are defective. Suppose six DVD players are randomly selected from the production line. Each DVD player is determined to be defective or non-defective.

a. What is the probability that none of the DVD players are defective?

b. What is the probability that all six of the DVD players are defective?

c. What is the probability that at most one of the DVD players is defective?

d. What is the probability that at least two of the DVD players are defective?

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  1. Pr(all are good)=.96^6
    Pr(six bad)=.04^6
    Pr(five+good)=.04 *.96^5 + .96^6
    Pr(two or more defiective)=Pr(all good or one defective)=.96^6+.96*.04^5

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