i figured out the ratio its 1.10 , don't know how to get the second part please help!! my understanding is not good enough to answer part 2

Pretend you have two containers, one filled with ethyl alcohol and the other filled with benzene. How would you show the distance light travels through each container in 3 ns? How would you show the difference in the distance light traveled in each fluid?

I don't know!

1. Determine the ratio for the speed of light in ethyl alcohol (n=1.36) to the speed of light in benzene (n=1.50).

2. If light travels for 3.0ns in ethyl alcohol, how much further will it travel in this material than it would in benzene? answer will be in terms of speed of light in benzene, Vbenzene.

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  1. So, if their ratio is 1.1, you have determined that

    Ve/Vb = 1.1

    since distance = speed * time

    3*10^-9 Ve = 1.1*3*10^-9 Vb = 3.3*10^9 Vb

    So, De-Db = 0.3*10^-9 Vb

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    posted by Steve
  2. thank you steve!

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