Translating a sentence into a one-step equation

Translate this sentence into an equation.
The product of Greg's age and
6 is 102.
Use the variable g to represent Greg's age.

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  1. g*6=102

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  2. Problem Page

    Translate this sentence into an equation.
    The product of Helena's height and
    Use the variable
    to represent Helena's height.

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  3. 34 is the product of Delia's savings and 2

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  4. The sum of 17 and m height is 51

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  5. The difference of Gail's height and12 is 55 written in equation

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  6. Three less than the product of 20
    and Chrissy's age
    Use the variable c
    to represent Chrissy's age.

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  7. 85 is the product of Malik's score and 5

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  8. 34 is the product of janelle’s savings and 2

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  9. 171 is the product of 9 and maliks score

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  11. Translate this math sentence into an equation "the sum of 20 and rhonda's savings is 74"

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