Given the following problem: Pretend that you are a bus driver. You begin the day with an empty bus. At the first stop, you let on 10 passengers. At your second stop, 4 people get off the bus, and 12 people on. At your third stop, 8 people get off the bus, and 2 people get on. At your fourth stop, nobody gets off the bus, and 1 person gets on. How old is the bus driver? A person may not be able to solve this problem because of selective combination. That is the answer that I chose and it was wrong and I don't which one of the following is right, does anyone else know the correct answer?
a. selective attention.
b. selective encoding.
c. selective comparison.

I would say selective comparison... The bus driver has to be over 18 at least.because you can't drive a bus younger than that.

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