hey everyone out there im new to this forum so please be nice. hahaha :D as the subject says this is about ozone cracking. well my friend is doing a research assignment, and shes talking about ozone cracking. she has done your homework and found out that ozone cracking, actually cracks rubber but she needs an equation along with her work and she( nor i) can find an equation for this and i thought that maybe some people on some forums might so that's what i would like to know.

equation for ozone cracking, causing rubber to crack

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  1. Hi Anonymous,
    Truthfully speaking I don't know much about ozone cracking. However, seeing that no one has answered your query for almost two hours, I will try to help.
    The definition of ozone cracking as stated in Britannica Encyclopedia is as such:
    "Atmospheric ozone reacts readily with elastomers containing C=C double bonds, leading to breakage of molecules lying in the surface."
    Therefore, I would guess that ozone, o3, reacts with some unsaturated organic molecule, to remove one carbon or the bonds.
    I'm really not sure and this is a speculation of mine. If I'm not wrong, this is quite similar to when chlorine in CFCs break up the ozone layer?
    Hope I've helped you :)

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    posted by Joshua
  2. I have been debating for two hours on how to answer. The question is silly. There will be no equations except for testing standards, then those equations will only involve the dimensions of the material to be tested. Rubber is not a material which lends itself to exactness, as equations often do.

  3. The ozone layer is not cracking it is simply getting thinner nor is there a hole it is just getting thinner due to the CFC's and carbon dioxide

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