body science

I have to do this for an open ended question on my unit test and i am not sure if i did it right can you please check my answers? It is fill in the blank. And the choices are: Arteries,Artium,Body,Carbon Dioxide,Lungs,Veins,Ventricle. You may youse these words more than once.

Blood picks up oxygen at the________. From there, blood goes to the left_____ and then into the left ______ of the heart. Blood is pumped out into the______ through _______, which carry blood away from the heart. The oxygen is given to the cells of the body and the blood picks up ________.This blood travels back towards to the heart in ______, which carry blood towards the heart. The blood enters the right______ and then goes into the right_______where it is then pumped back to the lungs to pick up oxygen again.

My answers from top to bottom are:lungs,atrium,ventricle,body,arteries,carbon dioxide,veins,atrium,ventricle. Please i really need to finish this and i will be very thankful if you check my answers.

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asked by Stacie
  1. you are spot on.

  2. really? i thought i was wrong but thank you soo much!!!!!!!

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    posted by Stacie

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