A water storage tank is shaped like a
circular cylinder with half of a sphere at each end. Find the volume of the tank if the cylindrical section is 100 cm long with a 40cm diameter. Use 3.14 for ~~ Be sure to round the final answer to two decimal places.

(Here are my choices of answers)

A. 33,493.33 cm^
B. 125,600.33cm^
C. 159,093.33cm^
D. 192,587.33cm^

( ^ symbol means 3)

I have tried to work this problem and came up with (c) 159,093.33cm^ I just
am not sure that I've worked this problem correctly.

Can someone please check to make sure that I am right?
Thank you!

Your answer is not right. It should be
pi* D^2 h /4 = 125,600, if you use 3.14 for pi, as directed.

Actually, the answer should be rounded off to two significant figures (130,000 in this case), not two figures past the decimal point.

I am surprised and a bit shocked that the teacher or textbook does not realize this.

Volume of cyclinder=pi*r^2*h
If r=20cm and h=100 cm,
then Volume=3.14*20^2*100

Volume of sphere=4/3*3.14*r^3

Total Volume=125,600+33493.33


Help-- I have one person telling me my
answer is wrong and another person telling me my answer is correct!
Someone please help !!

I did not read the question in its entirety and neglected add the volume of the two hemispheres. I apologize for that.

However my comments about the number of significant figures still apply. Ask the teacher why there are more significant figures in all of the answer choices than there are in the original variables.

Please check

So you are saying my answer (C) is wrong? If it's wrong, then I need help!

No, your teacher needs help. Go with what you have.

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