Language Arts

Identify the indirect object in the following sentence.

Mom needs to give us money before we leave.

A. mom

B. us

C. we

D. leave

I think it' C, am I right?

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asked by Sydney
  1. No. We is the subject of the verb "leave."

    Which word could you put "to" or "for" in front of? That's the indirect object.

  2. no.

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    posted by Reed
  3. I still don't think I understand it :(

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    posted by Sydney
  4. Is it B?

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    posted by Sydney
  5. Yes, B.

    Mom gave (to) us . . .

    Here are some other examples of indirect objects (CAPITALIZED).

    Please save ME some cake.
    James passed his SISTER the platter of ham.

  6. Thank you Ms. Sue!

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    posted by Sydney
  7. You're welcome, Sydney.

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