math help pls pls

You suspect that the spiciness of food served in a restaurant is positively correlated with number of soft drinks ordered. You have gathered several observations of people ordering food of different spice-levels and the number of soft drinks they ordered. You have also plotted the data and found a line of best fit. What would be your next steps to test your hypothesis?

Plot all data together on a dot plot to assess if there is any visible correlation between the data sets.

Offer a conclusion based on the data you observed.

Pick two points on the dot plot and find a line of best fit.

Find the correlation coefficient to see how well the line of best fit actually fits the data.

is it a pls help

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  1. The answer is D.

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  2. How could the relationship of the data be classified?

    scatter plot with points distributed all over quadrant 1

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  3. mmmm

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