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1: Which of the following is the minimum level of structure needed to perform the function of waste removal?

A: Body System
B: Tissue
C: Cell***
D: Organ

2: Which two systems work with the muscular system to allow the body to move?

A: Digestive and Urinary systems
B: Skeletal and Nervous systems***
C: Integumentary and Endocrine systems
D: Immune and Lymphatic systems

3: Which of the following body systems works with the circulatory system to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide?

A: digestive
B: nervous
C: respiratory***
D: urinary

4: Which of the following phrases describes the function of the integumentary system?

A: Protective barrier***
B: Nutrient transport
C: Information processing
D: Food breakdown

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  1. all correct

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  2. Okay, Thank You!

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  3. The first one is D because I just did it and it actually is D not C

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  4. 1. D
    2. B
    3. C
    4. A

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  5. Ano is right thx Ano

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  6. thx Ano 4/4

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  7. i toes

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