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For each noun listed, write one sentence using the singular possessive form and another using the plural possessive form.

1. passenger

Singular Possessive: The passenger's seat was uncomfortable during the entire flight.

Plural Possessive: The passengers' confidence in their pilot began to diminish.

2. compass

Singular Possessive: The compass's needle pointed in the opposite direction.
Plural Possessive: The compass' needles had all been broken.

3. woman

Singular Possessive: The woman's date never showed up.
Plural Possessive: The women's fight for equal pay was difficult.

4. child

Singular Possessive: The child's toy had been lost in the store.
Plural Possessive: The children's attitudes toward the caretaker were not pleasant.

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  1. 1. Both are okay.

    2. Singular is okay; plural is not.

    3. Both are okay.

    4. Both are okay.

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  2. 2.

    Plural Possessive: The compasses' needles had all been broken.

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  3. Now #2 is fully correct! =)

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  4. so

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