How did the Reconquista act as a pull mechanism for Spain to explore and conquer new lands?

The Reconquista created generations of men trained and ready to reconquer lands for Spain and the Church.
The Reconquista pulled the Christian kingdoms of Spain to follow Islamic armies all around the world.
The Reconquista created a narrative in Spain that encouraged Spaniards to want to be better Christians.
The Reconquista pulled the Church of Spain to find new markets to exploit the wealth won in Granada.

is it c

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  1. Actually i think its b

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  2. am i right with the second choice

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  3. Neither is correct.

    Now you're on your own because I checked two of your wrong answers.

    Google Reconquista act.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. No. It's neither b nor c. You're on your own. Reread your assigned materials.

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  5. pp

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  6. Its actually E

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