anon re

yes i did , i have looked but i don`t really understand the questions.
i didn't mean to sound ungrateful and i am grateful that you took the time to help me.

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asked by msg writeacher
  1. Here are your questions:

    1) Christians argue that....

    2) a futher point christians make is that...

    3) however there is are also strong arguments against this point of view . people who do not believe in the existence of Jesus claim....

    4)they say that....

    5) furthermore they argue that....

    6)after looking at the different points of view and the evidence for them i think that Jesus did/didnot exist because...

    Take each question in order.
    1. Read the first paragraph carefully:

    2. Re-read that first paragraph in the link above.

    3. Here is one example of what non-Christians think: You should use Google and search for Jesus and agnostics or Jesus and athesists or Jesus and Buddhists and see what you find. You should be able to focus on more than one group of non-Christians to answer this question.

    4. Continuation of #3 above.

    5. Continuation of #3 and #4 above.


    Again ... let us know what you come up with, and someone here will be happy to comment on your ideas.

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    posted by Writeacher

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