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A student did an experiment with two identical plants, Plant 1 and Plant 2. About 10 mL fertilizer was added to Plant 1. About 200 mL of water was added to each plant every day. The height of the plants was recorded over a period of 5 weeks in the table shown below.

Week Height of Plant 1 (in inches) Height of Plant 2 (in inches)
1 12.6 12.6
2 13.8 12.9
3 14.9 13.4
4 15.7 13.8
5 16.6 14.6

Based on the table, which of these conclusions is correct?

Fertilizer helps plants grow taller.

Fertilizer can help a plant survive for five days.

Plants need more than 10 mL fertilizer to grow in size.

I choose A is it right?

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asked by Oscar
  1. a is the best choice.

  2. correct

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    posted by lily
  3. a

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    posted by juyan

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