How does the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution limit the government?

A. by separating state and federal powers

B. by giving the authority to rule the people

C. by establishing the rule of law

D. by granting certain rights to people that government cannot violate.

2. What effect does having a written constitution have on limiting the powers of officials?

A. It establishes the rule of law that everyone, including officials, must follow.

B. It grants the president supreme authority over the other officials.

C. It grants state representatives certain privileges.

D. It gives elected representatives sovereignty.

3. What check does the president have over Congress?
A. rejecting candidates for the Supreme Court.

B. overriding a veto.

C. using a veto.

D. declaring laws unconstitutional

What are some similarities between the government created by Georgia's constitution and by the U.S. Constitution? Choose all that apply. 4 TOTAL SHOULD BE CHOSEN.

A. Bill of Rights
B. An execute branch
C. legislative branch
D. Judicial branch
E. the power to negotiate with foreign nations

1. A
2. A
3. A, B, C, and E.

Thank YOU!!!

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  1. 1. No

    2. yes
    3. yes

    4. I am not familiar with Georgia constitution but wonder if the conduct negotiations with Germany

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  2. 1. C?

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  3. Which answer uses the word "Rights".

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  4. D! Yes?

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  5. yes

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  6. I got a 7/7! Your answers helped me and the last one was A, B, C and D! Thank you Damon! :D

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  7. The correct answers are
    Just took the test all of these answers are 100% correct.

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  8. Those are correct. Just took the test. Thanks! :D

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